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Indigo Yarn is the world's first dyed yarn created and manufactured for use in the knitting trade.

It is only with Indigo yarn that comfortable casual sportswear and chunky knitwear is endowed with the attractive and subtly alive qualities of indigo blue denim jeans. An indigo sweatshirt will improve with age and a cool cotton sweater will fade and gain character with wearing and washing
and more wearing.

spinningIndigo is dyed as a rope, the selfsame dyeing method of the best quality denim yarns, and then by a unique series of processes these yarns are obtained on cone ready for knitting. It is only by these means that indigo denim yarn, with its characteristics white core and pure blue coating of dye, has been made available for so many novel uses. Apart for sportswear and sweaters INDIGO makes it possible to trim indigo denim garments in many ways: whit knitted collars, elasticised ribbing, draw-cords, bindings, webbings, zips and even indigo dyed sewing threads, all of which will fade, bleach, stone wash or enzyme wash to match the rest of the denim garment.

INDIGO now makes it possible to bridge the gap between jeans and active sportswear with what is now the alternative denim putting a new interpretation on the most universal items of clothing in the combination of well-worn jeans and the ever practical sweatshirt or sweater, all in indigo blue.

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